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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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scorers. >> reporter: this is the house that gary williams built and only a ringing endorsement from the former head coach can make this a comfortable home for the new head coach. >> they love gary here inform time, they will love me too. the good thing is gary is behind me 100%. >> i think what helped me determine to make my decision that he was good night, that he looked me in the eye and he said kevin, i hate to lose. >> reporter: lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. we'll start you off with a view of the wilson bridge. temperatures comfortable as well. thank you for being with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news this morning. let's get a check of wet with tony perkins. i almost called you tucker
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perkins. what a way to start the morning. >> that who be odd. there are some clouds out there this morning once again. during the next couple of days, we'll start to see more and more in the way of clouds. there you go. no precipitation associated with these clouds and i think during the bulk. the day today, we'll see a good a sunshine. all right. current conditions being reported at reagan national airport, right now, it is 55 degrees. relative humidity at 89%. your winds are out of the southwest at six miles per hour. forecast for today after some morning cloudiness, lots of sunshine once again. temperatures once again in the mid- and upper 70s. do enjoy the day. more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> a great week so far. >> let's check with julie wright and look at traffic. >> good morning. not so busy right now. light traffic volume if you are working your way to and from the wilson bridge.
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northbound 5 and 4 at speed coming in out of southern maryland. gw traffic continues to run with ease as you travel in both direction between national airport and the capital beltway. you will find light traffic volume on 395 coming across the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we are following breaking news right now that is coming from prince george's county. a 7-eleven store clerk has been shot and killed during a robbery. this happened at the store in the 9200 block of oxon hill road around 3:30 this morning. detectives are still on the scene and there is no word at the moment about any suspects but we will bring you more on this as we get it. other stories make local headlines this morning, the fight for d.c. rights takes center stage today on capitol hill as mayor vince gray and council chairman kwame brown are set to testify before a
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house subcommittee about the budget. some are concerned that questions about the chairman's controversial suv or the allegations made by sulaimon brown against mayor gray may come up. both mayor gray and congresswoman eleanor holmes norton feel the hearing is a waste of time. >> the budget is adopted. that ought to be the last step at the district level. nobody else in america has to endure this approach. >> we really didn't need this hearing. what we needed them, they weren't there for us and that is why residents have a lot of suspicions about what this is all about. >> a lot of people worry that today's hearing kind step toward congress gaining more control over the district. just yesterday, eight district residents were arrested while rally is for equal voting rights. the d.c. region's largest owner of gas station is being investigate the by the district's attorney general for possible antitrust violations. irvin nathan says he looking into allegations that capital petroleum group was engaging in practices that could be leading
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to inflated gas prices. the company is based out of springfield, virginia and operates 164 gas stations here in the area. >> this is an active investigation. it is one of the priorities of the antitrust part of our office. it is an active matter. everyone knows that gasoline prices are high and we'll do everything we can to bring them down and be sure that it is a competitive market. the owner of capital petroleum group also owns a company that resells gasoline from refiners to individual stations. seven years ago, the d.c. council repealed a law that had prevented such suppliers from owning gas stations. the "washington post" reports that the owner hired almostyists to push for that repeal. the driver who hit and killed a five-year-old as she was crossing the street tuesday in landover likely will not face charges. prince george's county police say kamari woods stepped out in
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front of the suv. she was crossing martin luther king avenue with her father and her brother. they made it halfway across but she stepped off the median. the driver remained on the scene. a judge is giving john hirvegly additional visits away from -- hinckley additional visits away from st. elizabeth's hospital in washington. he was found not gaity by insanity for the assassination attempt on ronald reagan. he requested additional visits on march 29th. prosecutors argued the judge needed to conduct hearing to review hinckley's condition before granting the request. now to the developing disaster in the mississippi delta. people there forced to use boats to get around. entire communities have been flooded by the mississippi river and its tributaries.
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in tunica, the lot from casinos estimated at more than $87 million. >> millions of dollars of economic loss just back here. i've got a neighbor that has got two and a half million dollars worth of wheat but it is gone. >> there is a lot that will be destroyed. i think there is a lot that will be saved hopefully but we won't know until we do it. >> in new orleans, officials are waiting to see how high the river will rise and they're ready to close the floodgates there. new evidence this morning that osama bin laden was looking for ways to attack the united states. it comes from his own handwritten journal found in the raid on bin laden's compound. u.s. officials say it appears that bin laden was well aware of our counter terrorist efforts but he told his followers not to limit attacks on new york city and to consider los angeles or small are cities. terrorism experts say it is surprising bin laden didn't better hide his records. >> he had telephone numbers
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sewn into his clothing along with money but there have been no effort made to have some system to destroy all these thumb drives and hard drives and so on. so that was a really what we would call a very poor trade craft. >> the latest associated press poll finds 86% of americans approve of the way the u.s. handled the raid on bin laden's compound. the worst earthquakes to rock spain in some 50 years. up next, the late on deadly back-to-back quakes that have claimed several lives and left thousands worried. while they are dealing with that in spain, why people were fleeing rome yesterday for fear that city might be destroyed. we're checking more headlines when we return. 
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eight people are killed by earthquakes in spain. large chunks of a belltower fell right in front of a television crew as they were reporting live from the scene of that first quake. it measured 4.4 and hit last night around 7:00 local time b two hours later, a more powerful earthquake hit. 167 people are hospitalized and
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thousands slept outside overnight to avoid any aftershock. it turned out to be a false alarm. rome, the city of rome, had again gripped by a prediction but a self-taught seismology who died 3 # years ago that a devastating earthquake who hit the region may 11, 2007. scientists and elected officials tried to reassure people that tremors cannot be predicted. still some people left the city altogether. it is estimated about 0% did not go to work yesterday. no earthquake in rome but you heard about what happened in spain. billy graham in the hospital in north carolina being treated for pneumonia. the now 92-year-old evangelist suffered coughing attacks and had difficulty breathing. we are told he is alert and resting scott petersonably. and historic moment for same-sex couples in delaware. the governor signed a civil union bill into law yesterday. -- we are told that billy
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graham is alert and resting comfortably. a new man in charge of montgomery county public schools. we'll meet dr. joshua starr. he will respond to complaints that he is not a, quote, unquote, people person. tony is. >> i try. also coming up in just a few moments, we have the latest on today's forecast. it will be another nice day today. that is the main thing you want to know. julie wright is here to tell us what is happening on the area roadways. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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welcome back to this thursday. one more day until friday. tony perkins, in the 70s again. >> i abeautiful week. can't wait until friday rolls around. >> it has been great. yep, today, more of the same and then things will start to change. really, i think late tonight is when things will start to
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change. i think we'll get one more decent day in tomorrow. let's start by showing you the temperatures across the region. they are pretty much right where you would expect them to be for this time of year and for this week in particular. once again, temperatures in the 50s. right now, it is 54 degrees in washington. out at manassas, virginia, 52 degrees. pretty much everyone in the 50s. a couple. 40s. leonardtown and cambridge, both at 46 degrees. frederick, maryland, 54. here, it is 54 degrees here in the nation's capital. here is a look at the temperature trend. we're going to go down a bit. today, right about average. tomorrow, 72. still, these are not bad temperatures. 70 with some clouds and rain showers around here. we'll only get to 70 on saturday and then sunday, 73 degrees for your high. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for the region. again, this morning, similar to yesterday morning, we do have some clouds in over us.
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no precipitation. remember, yesterday, we had a couple of sprinkles here and there. we are not seeing that this morning. but we do have some of of the clouds. they will burn off again as we've seen for the last couple of days. out to the west, there is a frontal boundary that will gradually make its way eastward wind we'll start to ethis high pressure which is keeping things quiet across most of the eastern united states. that will begin to break down and start to bring with it the chance of some shower and rain activity over the course of the weekend. but for today, here is what we're looking at. morning clouds will give way to mostly sunny skies yet again. warm again right around 75 degrees for your high. not bad at all. then for tonight, start to see some changes. it becomes cloudy. slight chance for some overnight showers. 60degrees and by slight chance, we'll say about 0% chance of some overnight showers. overnight low, 60. not too bad. a warm front will be approaching. that's why. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. maybe a shower or two.
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72 for your high. saturday, showers and thunderstorms during the course of the day. same thing on sunday and i think particularly saturday night into sunday and then even on monday, we'll still have a chance of showers. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. now, let's got more on this morning's rush hour traffic. we go to julie wright for that. >> here we go. accident activity to start off the early morning drive. if you are traveling northbound 210 trying to work your place past swan creek road. this is tying up the two right lanes. no problems reported right now on route 4 or 5 coming in out of southern maryland. live shot of 66, traffic building in volume as you work your way in from manassas this morning. no incidents to report continuing towards the capital beltway and you will find new york avenue at speed leaving bladensburg road headed from northeast to northwest. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a warning for some people in fairfax. a fox has tested positive for
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rabies in the old lee hills neighborhood. animal control says the fox taxed a dog in a yard off colony road and was later captured. this serves as a reminder for a wild animal appears to have rabies and is being aguessive. according to realty track, the number of homes repossessed by lenders fell in the month of april compared for march and compared to a year ago. the decline is being blamed on processing delays that appear to be getting worse and threat ton drag out a housing recovery. the foreclosure process took an average of 400 days to run its course from january until march. montgomery county public schools in maryland has a new superintendent, dr. joshua starr signed his contract, a four-year $1 million deal. dr.starr is replacing dr. jerry weast who is retiring after 12 years as head of the school system. fox 5's sherry ly has what you need to know about the new man
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on the job. >> reporter: first things first. the name, dr. joshua star privileges just josh. >> only my mother and my sister call me joshua. >> reporter: starr leaves the top job in stamford, con cob. by comparison, montgomery county is 10 times larger. >> schools are schools and kids are skids. such a great structure and support staff and system in place in montgomery county. >> reporter: he follows in the mold of his predecessor, dr. jerry weast. >> he is not making a left-hand turn here. he is keeping on the same path. >> reporter: the biggest challenge, the budget the school system will likely start the year $26 million in the hole. if the county fails to meet minimum state spending requirements. >> we have to do it with a few less dollars. next year and the year after, then so be it but i'm sure we'll able to continue to produce great results with kids. >> reporter: it has been suggested starr should improve his people skills. at times think he has been combative with his school board
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but he has no apologies. >> i've certainly been known to fight for what i believe is right. and you call that what you may but sebelius, when you are superintendent of public schools, you need to make a strong case for what you believe is right and you need to bring people along. >> there is never a moment that boards and superintendents are going to agree on everything. >> reporter: he refers for himself as a scientist superintendent driven by data. >> at best, the data help you ask better questions. we know the test scores tell us what is wrong, not what is write and we have to use it to understand individual children, their situations and how we can help them achieve the standard that we have for them. >> reporter: can you follow him on twitter. his handle is sps super. perhaps here he will be mcps super. >> i have abeen using twit fore a couple of months now. i found it to be pretty useful. >> reporter: starr plans to hold neighborhood chats he. he official a starts on july
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1st. right now, it is just the honeymoon. >> thank you. a new movie hitting theaters tomorrow called priest. two stars sit down with movie reviewer kevin mccarthy. stay with us. we'll be right back. l
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we take a live look over the washington monument this morning. let's talk about a new movie that is out tomorrow. priest stars paul bettany and karl urban. >> a tough name but you'll recognize the faces. they are on a quest to save a young girl from the vampires. kevin mccarthy talked with both of the stars. karl urban somehow manages to link the vampire plot to a lobster designer. >> first, kevin asked him what drives his character to go on his crusade. >> he is a soldier and he is a soldier who, you know, at the end of the vietnam war has come home and is despised by the people he was actually trying to save. i found out really an emotional thing for me to grab hold of,
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that all he was trying to do was his duty and now he is repugnant to these people. they run away from him. and by the way, he is rendered useless for the normal world by the things that he has done and the things he has seen. and he is really spoiling for a fight and the opportunity comes. >> that might be one of the coolest things i've ever seen in my life. you were walking down the street and people were dying all around you. was that in the script? >> that was in the script. that is the brilliance of scott stewart juxtaposing the sound from the previous scene with the orchestral music and the visual of absolute death and destruction and the enjoyment that it brings my character. >> reporter: as an actor, what is the mine set that you step into to think about being able
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to enjoy people dying? how does that work? >> i think of something that i really love like eating lobster and then when i'm doing the scene, i'm thinking about eating lobster. that is what i'm thinking about. but what you're seeing is death and destruction but it is all about lobster. >> interesting connection there. >> yes. be sure to join us next hour when kevin mccarthy joins us live from france. he is vacationing in nice. >> tough life that guy. we'll talk with kevin coming up here is a picture of him with dustin hoffman from the cannes film festival. you remember that cobra that went missing at the bronx zoo in it sorted happened again. another exotic animal escaped. check your twitter account. that is coming up in the next half hour. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power,
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shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. we'll take a look at the wilson bridge again this morning. it is thursday morning, may 12th. it will be another nice one. 54 out there right now. >> you can see the sun coming up. >> have you been across the wilson bridge lately? it is beautiful. what a change from the old bridge. >> that took about 20 minutes to get across. >> that's right. and you see the national harbor on the other side. it looks great now.
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love it. we've got fine conditions across the area. temperatures in the 50s for the most part. we do have some clouds out there but today will be like yesterday and the day before. morning clouds will give way to sunshine later on. here is a look at the satellite- radar. you will see there you go, there is the cloud cover but again, we are still being protected by high pressure. high pressure tends to keep things calm. no real weather systems able to kind of make it in here until that pressure begins to break down which will start to happen during the next couple of days. today, another great day across the region. here as look at the temperatures now. here in the district, we are at 54 degrees as we go to the temperatures. 54 in washington. as we go to the max 2 temperatures, we're in the 50s. 53 at dulles airport. baltimore, 52 degrees. 57 in winchester. your day planner for today, we'll look for highs in the mid- 70s. some of you even the upper 70s.
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not bad at all. there you go. that is the latest. more coming up in a little bit. >> let's check in with julie wright for the latest on traffic. is everything moving along okay? >> for the most part, yeah. we don't have any problems to report north side of town as you travel between college park and bethesda. traffic throwing freely along this stretch. we do have the accident activity tying up your drive northbound 210 as you work your way north of swan creek road. the accident activity in place tying you want the two right lanes. so heads up as you work your way northbound along 210. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following breaking news this morning from prince george's county where a 7- eleven store clerk has been shot and killed during a robbery. this happened in the store in the 9 # hundred block of oxon hill road just about two hours ago at 3:30 this morning. detectives are still on the scene. no word at the moment about any suspects but we will bring you more on the story as we get it.
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stories making local headlines this morning, the fight for tease sites takes center stage today on capitol hill. mayor convincement gray and council chairman kwame brown are set to testify before a house subcommittee about the budget. some are concerned questions about d.c.'s recent string of scandals may come up. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton says she is worried the commitee might ask chairman brown about his controversial suv scandal and ask mayor gray about the sulaimon brown investigation. >> i think this probably won't be able to resist but they claim that is not what they are interested in. let's see whether they stick to what the subject matter of the hearing is and that is making sure that the district is doing well fiscally. >> many are concerned today's hearing could be a step towards congress gaining more control over the district. just yesterday, eight district residents were arrested while rallying for equal voting rights. heading to the hill today, the top executives from the nation's five biggest oil companies. they go before a sent committee
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where they will get an earful likely about earning massive profits while americans struggle with high gas prices. this is happening at the same time d.c.'s attorney general is investigating the region's largest owner of gas stations for possible antitrust violations. stacy cohan live at one of the company's northeast locations with more. >> reporter: this is a case about possible price gouging and monopolistic practice is here in d.c. it all poils down to the one very large company that has been owned by this same person for about 5 years. his name is joe mamo. the company is called capital petroleum group. according to the company web site, they own 164 gas stations in our region. that includes 45 liart in the district of columbia although the company is based in springfield, virginia. this investigation, if you will, is being launched by the d.c. attorney general, irvin nathan and he says that his office is looking into allegations that capital
5:35 am
petroleum is engaging in practices that inflate the prices at the pump. this is what he had to say at a press conference yesterday. >> equitable remedies that are available if the facts warrant. well, some of them include divestiture, the breaking up of tying arrangements when real estate transactions are tied to gasoline prices. there can be injunctive relief of not engaging in monopolistic practices. >> reporter: there are a couple of issues here. first of all, not only does this person own all of these gas stations but he is also what is called a jobber, somebody that takes oil or purchases the gasoline from the refinery and resells it as the a whole saler. somebody that is not only owning gas stations but selling gasoline here in the city. that was illegal until about four years ago when the d.c. council overturned that law and now some council members are rethinking whether or not that
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was a good decision. all of this has to be sorted out by the attorney general. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. now to the developing flooding on the mississippi river where flood waters are rising and they are spilling across farm fields and entire towns. people are getting around in boats as the floods crest and continue to flow downstream. the flooding is bringing misery to low-lying communities. louisiana is using prison inmates to fill stand bags and the army corps of engineers is planning to open the morganza spillway to ease water pressure on the levee but that will submerge 18 million acres of farmland. it appears osama bin laden kept a personal journal. it was found by the navy seals who raided bin laden's compound and u.s. officials say it is filled with planning ideas and details of operations. and it is part of the large
5:37 am
search of intelligence that includes 100 flash drives and five computers. the journal changes the belief that bin laden was not involved in al-qaeda's planning. a man who caused a disturbance on an anterior plain seas he was trying to help. former house speaker newt gingrich gives a first interview as presidential candidate gingrich. hear what he has to say. fior l
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massachusetts man who caused a disturbance is now out on bail. police say he tried to open the emergency exit door mid-flight. an off-duty officer was able it subdue him. passengers say he had been drinking and and upset but his lawyer says the cover for the emergency door fell off and his client was simply trying to replace it. >> it was an accident and not only was it an accident, but when it came off, put it back on. >> these days especially very recently, people on aircraft as well as the employees and staff are very sensitive and we need to be concerned.
5:41 am
but have you to make judgements. >> he plead the not guilty to interfering with the operation on an aircraft. he is due back in court in june. as we first reported yesterday morning, former house speaker newt gingrich has declared he is indeed running for president. he did it via tweet and then he promised viewers on his youtube video there is a better american future ahead. last night, gingrich gave his first interview as a candidate to fox news comment ain'tor sean hannity. >> i think this country has an and once again be at 4% unemployment, have a surplus of men energy, to be leading industrial power in the world, to balance the budget as we did for four years when i was speaker, to reform entitlements as we did with welfare which i was speaker. that is a great future. but nights future we'll get to until we clear away the liberal policies, the liberal
5:42 am
bureaucracies, the washington senate system. >> gingrich is 67 years old. he left his post in congress in 1999 amid ethics allegations. another animal mix-up for the bronx zoo. first, that cobra went mitting. remember that whole thing. now, another exotic animal has people searching. >> a little less on the fear factor there perhaps. the mark turgeon era under way at college park. we'll talk with the sports junkies next. we'll also check weather and traffic. stay with us on this thursday morning. what of -- 
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some of you may remember that deadly snake that escaped from the bronx zoo last month? now a peacock has flown the coop and was found wandering. it is called a pea hen and owners of a tire store grabbed the bird and called the zoo. the bird came back on tuesday and then left again. >> they found the snake and now they found a peacock. you hope nothing else don't get out. >> the conspiracy people will say what animal will be released next or escape next. >> i'll say hopefully nobody. >> unlike the deadly cobra that
5:46 am
escaped, the pea hen also has a twitter account. it tweeted the cobra gave me some escape hints. >> if it got away twice. you have been in new york much more than any of the rest of us but i'm willing to bet if people saw a peacock wandering the streets of new york, most people would let it go. >> think nothing about it. >> there is a fancy bird walking down the street. >> they're like wow, look at that. >> they have a liberal leave policy at that zoo. >> what is going on there? >> someone is not watching the doors. >> just keep the big cats under lock and key. >> let's hope. we have a weather head mind for you today as we've had for you he have day this week. today, one more really great day. it is today. so enjoy it, folks. we do have changes on the way. you know there is going to be change at some point and here it comes. temperatures currently in the 50s and 54 in the district, 56
5:47 am
in annapolis. 5 # in manassas. baltimore is also at 52. culpeper, vicious is at 5 -- culpeper, virginia is at 55 degrees. we have clouds this morning. they will give way to mostly sunny skies again. same routine as the last few days. a few more clouds moving through in the latter part of the day. as we go through tonight, we will see more clouds build in and there is a slight chance of maybe some showers here and there during the overnight hours. more clouds will build in for tomorrow and that will be the first real change that we'll start to see. during the course of the evening hours, maybe some rain showers and then it looks like rain on saturday the way things are shaping up right now. maybe even a couple of thunderstorms. forecast for today looks like this. mostly sunny skies. warm this afternoon. 75degrees for your high. for tonight, we'll see some clouds build in as you saw
5:48 am
there. a slight chance for a shower or two. 60degrees for your high. more clouds tomorrow. chance of rain showers and thunderstorms saturday and sunday. and on monday, a chance of showers then as well. that is the latest on the weather. more coming up in just a little bit. it is actually good that it will kind of change on the weekend because you would have to break out the thesaurus to come up with more ways to describe a nice day. >> i don't mind that. >> i kind of like my word for a nice day, wooo-hooo! >> that works. >> pretty quiet headed into southeast washington. scheduled to be a change in the traffic pattern on the 14th street bridge. two lanes to the right, two lanes to the left getting by
5:49 am
that barrier mid-center of the bridge. outer loop at colesville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the terps formally introduce their new basketball coach. nats are creeping back towards 500 the heat move on in the nba conference finals. let's check in with the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. first of all, have you seen the video this morning of your man b. d. kay just chilling in france on the coast? >> we have not. by the way, before he went over to france he thought that the name of the film festival was the cans film festival. we had to tell him it is the cannes film festival,. >> when you see the set-up he has this morning, we'll be the idiots. >> he is doing it for free. the kid doesn't get paid. >> wouldn't you tax a couple of
5:50 am
days over there just to hang out? >> yeah, i suppose. but it is every weekend this kid is traveling. >> maybe fox could take a little bit away from tony perkins'al ' salary. >> that would mean this would be his last trip. just of maryland, we got to meet the head coach. he admits doesn't know everything about the program and his own team. where do you think he will take it? >> he said it yesterday during the press conference. he is all about winning the fans over and i think the best part was he had fare williams as part of his council. he reached out to roy williams, somebody he worked under previously to get a feel for the acc and for maryland. he said all the right things in the press conference. he even took a shot at debbie. that will ingratiate you to the maryland fan base. >> i think he will be a good coach. it comes down to recruiting.
5:51 am
they are not as talented next year as they've been in past years but if they can keep the kids there like a four-star player out of baltimore and justin anderson the year after, if you can keep the kids committed to the program and build on that, i think it will be a good program. >> if he keeps coming on our show because he'll be on at 8:00 today. that is a good move. >> definitely. i want to talk about what could be a good or bad move for the washington redskins. i'm looking online and hearing more about john beck getting to start for this team. is that possible? >> it's funny. i think we'll have a good donovan mcnabb story later today that people might want to tune in for. very interesting kind of insight into what the dynamics are between mcnabb and some of coaches. i think it points to the fact that the rex grossman experiment was a big failure. while mcnabb is clearly on the way out, grossman didn't win over the coaching staff. >> didn't win over the coaches
5:52 am
but he might have solidified their opinion on donovan mcnabb running the offense. i think it is fair to say grossman played better than him but shanny says he has loved beck all along. >> he as aid in the 07 draft, he had him rated as the top quarterback. >> the guy is 29 years old. time is running out for him to get a legitimate start for him to be a starter. maybe 2011 is the year. >> we have to leave it there for now. thank you, guys, the junkies at 106.7 the fan. some sky-high as prayings for local engineering students. we'll talk about that next on fox 5 morning news. >> reporter: can a human powered helicopter get off the ground and hover for 60 seconds? these engineering students in college park are trying to find out. 
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we make the time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. but what we should also be celebrating, are the moments. the ones that could have been just another day, but became extraordinary memories. moments when we learn about the world that came before us,
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and a little more about ourselves. let's celebrate together. colonial williamsburg. come be part of the story. and now is the perfect time to celebrate with the summer bounce package. plan your stay at engineering students at the university of maryland try to get their new invention off the ground literally. they are testing what they hope will be the world's first successful human-powered helicopter. >> john henrehan has the story from college park. >> reporter: for nearly three years, undergrand swat and graduate engineering students at the university of moreland
5:56 am
has been working on a plan to build a human helicopter. the prototype is enormous. the students had to invent new ultralight technology to support the rotors. >> the design we have is patent pending. it goes above and beyond what even industry standards are. >> the american helicopter society in 1980 establish a quarter million dollar prize for a human-powered helicopter that could fly three mooters off the ground and hover for a total of 60 seconds. the aerospace engineers have selected exceptionally fit 24- year-old bicyclist judd iwechsler to pedal furiously with hands and feet to lift the helicopter off the ground. why are you doing this? >> it is really fun. i've been psych following five years and i've never gotten off the ground before.
5:57 am
why not? >> reporter: the name of the project is gomara, a flying turtle. >> get it, here, the turtle here at maryland where the mascot is the terrapins. the engineers told judy wechsler to go for it, calculating that 18 row degrees for minute should be sufficient to get the helicopter off the ground. the bottom of the chopper actually began lifting up and moving along the floor. unfraptly, the drivetrain repeatedly came off its sprockets. the maryland engineers are improvising repairs. they hope to have this human- powered chopper flying on thursday. in college park, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> good luck. straight ahead at 6:00, we talked about it before. kevin mccarthy posing with dustin hoffman. soon to be joining us from nice, france. talking about the cannes film festival.
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>> we are checking your morning commutes and your weather when we come back. 
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